Sep 13, 2012

Mobile apps - catalyst of entrepreneurship potential in Japan

Previous study on this blog Country of the rising global mobile leadership demonstrates that Japan has an unique opportunity to become a global leader in mobile services. The same industry offers consequently an opportunity to boost the entrepreneurship levels in Japan, where aspirations of young generation to launch own business score still amongst the lowest in the world. By focusing on this subject, and factoring in the global context, Japan can enter a path towards raising a multitude of global entrepreneurial stars.

In order to raise these globally successful entrepreneurs through mobile applications industry, the aspiration of business founders needs to be fully integrated with the rest of the ecosystem including:
  • Concept ownership – idea generation and its scoping
  • Funding – financing, potentially facilitation and incubation of concept’s execution
  • Execution management – project management and control of execution
  • Design – user interface and visualization
  • Development – implementation of design and functionality
  • Support – application specific support e.g. translation or customer services
  • Marketing – promotion of product and channels management
This study highlights several recommendations for improvements across this ecosystem to boost entrepreneurship levels further beyond current levels. The key areas are:
  • Providing easier access to funding
  • Higher sophistication of marketing and overall commercial efforts


  1. Hmm Roman, is this not the case for almost all countries?
    Mobile apps are driving startups everywhere...

    1. Peter, thanks for the comment - exactly, the mobile apps are a great catalyst of entrepreneurship everywhere! But this study is distinguishing this trend in Japan from other countries since:

      1. Japan needs this more then others since young generation has low aspirations to start own business comparing to other countries

      2. It analyses components of the mobile apps ecosystem and how they are specific for Japan with specific guidance on strengths and opportunities for improvement to scale it globally

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